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"It is the mission of Volumetrics to serve the measurement needs of the greater Oil and Gas industry through accuracy, precision and thorough validation of all measurement instrumentation.

Our knowledgeable and professional staff is dedicated to problem solving and providing the highest quality service and advice to our clients with honesty, integrity and reliability."

Photos from our IEC/ Automation Team

About Us

Volumetrics is an Oil and Gas industry service provider specializing in measurement and meter services.

Since its beginning, Volumetrics has focused on providing optimum measurement services to our clients. Our current list of services includes:

  • - Custody Transfer Meter Proving
  • - Master Meter Proving
  • - Meter calibration and repair
  • - Bench testing and steam cleaning
  • - IEC/ Automation: custom design/ manufacture/ install
  • - Lab testing for gas and liquid samples
  • - Gas and liquid sample collection
  • - Consulting/ Engineering
  • - Classroom and Remote Training

Volumetrics has field offices located throughout the basins in Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas and Wyoming allowing us to efficiently serve the oilfields in these states as well as in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Montana.

Our multiple locations enable our well-trained techs to respond quickly to situations out in the field -- and gives us great coverage of the basins for regular maintenance operations and sample collections, as well.

We put experienced techs on site at client locations, supported by managers and supervisors who have been field tested themselves. We take great pride in our ability to assess specific situations and conclude with the best possible solution.

We understand that our clients’ success is directly correlated to the job we do. We’ve hired the very best personnel in order to create a culture that insists on professionalism, goal-oriented partnerships, and integrity in every transaction.

Our Team

Steve Wilson


Chuck Woods

Vice President

Gary Edwards

Vice President

Nicole Cowley

Human Resources Manager

Chris Dietz

Sr. IEC/ Automation Engineer

Renae Foote

Office Manager

Shawn Moloney

Manager, North Dakota Region

Braydon Trammell

Operations Manager, Colorado

Tim Lebsack

Operations Manager, Permian


Since its beginning, 12 years ago, Volumetrics has focused on providing optimum measurement services to our clients.

If you have a special project in mind or need a new perspective on a certain situation, our team has the experience and ingenuity to create the custom solutions required by your unique circumstances.

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Petroleum Chemist



Conduct routine analysis of Natural gas & Liquid hydrocarbon, Refinery gas, LPG, Condensate, and Crude oil type samples for customers using ASTM, API, UOP, and GPA standards test methods. Analyzes data, calculates, and prepares Certificates of Analysis for lab manager’s review and approval as required for customers. Perform routine quality control tests required by analytical test methods or Quality Control Manual. Perform lab equipment qualitative and quantitative calibrations on time and maintain appropriate documentation (records and lab notebooks) under Standard Operating Procedure or lab-quality manual. Perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment if needed to ensure the good working order and report if any malfunctions are found. Prepare and maintain standard reagent solutions as needed by the test methods. Research or develop new test methods that can meet customer’s requirements. Prepare quality control documents (Control charts, Linearity check, Traditional & Bernos Fidelity plots, etc.) for internal or external audit purposes. Under the direction of supervision, gains an understanding of project management activities including purchasing of reagents/pieces of equipment and meeting timelines, budgets, and project goals. Prepare Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), purchase specification, protocol, and work instruction creation and revisions. Provide technical supports to the lab team to set up new equipment and test methods. Occasionally, works with the sales and business development team, achieve the knowledge of the required test methods, and understand the difference among a variety of analytical test methods based on sample matrices and customer’s needs.

Special requirements include: Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Knowledge of Chemsation, Galxie, Compass CDS, Star, Agilent Open lab, PCCU and EZ IQ. Knowledge of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), and VMG Software.

Minimum Requirements: Master’s degree in Chemistry or related field; 6 months experience as a Petroleum Chemist or related field.

Worksite location: 3710 E Rio Grande, Victoria, Texas 77901; additional worksite: 1616 2nd Ave, Greeley, Weld, Colorado.

Please send any resumes to: Nicole Cowley at ncowley@volumetrics.us.

Gas Calibration and Chromatography


CO - TX - WY - ND

Specialists in gas meter installation, configuration and calibration for various makes and models of electronic flow computers and dry flow meters, as well as sampling for field composition and analysis of gas chromatography.

Liquid Measurement


CO - TX - WY - ND - UT

Specialists in Oil and Gas measurement, control and regulation equipment, and innovative engineering solutions in all liquid custody transfer auditing.

IEC/ Automation


All Areas

Our IEC/ Automation Techs are specialists in the preparation, programming, installation and troubleshooting of electrical control panels, flow computers, and PLC/RTU SCADA systems

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HQ and Administrative Offices

37194 Business Loop I80

Ft Bridger, WY 82933


Casper Field Office

533 Circle Drive #3

Casper, WY 802601


Main Field Office

3320 Center Drive

Milliken, CO 80543


IEC/ Automation

3320 Center Drive

Milliken, CO 80543


Labs/ Sample Collection & Testing

3001 N Cameron St

Victoria, TX 77901


Main Field Office

3001 N Cameron St

Victoria, TX 77901

North Dakota

Main Field Office

2308 50th Street West

Williston, ND 55801

North Dakota

Killdeer Field Office

863 Brew Street

Killdeer, ND 58640

New Mexico

Field Office

1980 Resource Ct Unit A

Calsbad, NM 88220

Business Mailing Address

Volumetrics, Inc.

PO Box 501

Mountain View, WY 82939

Human Resources

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